Anbernic RG556 Review: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy


Hey fellow retro gamers! I’ve fallen head over heels for my Anbernic RG556, and I’m so excited to share my experience with you! I’ve launched to dish out all my tips, tricks, and honest thoughts. But before you take the plunge like I did, let’s dive into some key things I learned along the way.

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1. Storage Tiers: Choose Your Perfect Game Library

Anbernic gives you awesome choices right off the bat, but carefully consider your needs!

  • Standard Version: This is a tinkerer’s paradise! Craft your ultimate retro collection from the ground up. I went this route, and while I love the freedom, it means putting in the time to download and install my favorites. If you’re not prepared for that, choose one of the pre-loaded options.
  • Standard Version + 128GB: Dive right into the action with roughly 4,423 compatible games ready to roll.
  • Standard Version + 256GB: Double the fun with a massive 8,714 game library at your fingertips!

2. Screen: Size Matters (But Not Always)

Anbernic RG556 - 2K Screen
Anbernic RG556 Review: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy 1

The display on the RG556 is seriously impressive, but it might not be for everyone. It measures in at 22.3cm long, 9cm wide, and 1.5cm thick, with a total weight of 0.331kg. While that’s still pocketable for many, I recommend something smaller like the RG351 series when you want the absolute most compact experience on the go.

3. Cool Under Pressure

RG556: High-speed Fan
Anbernic RG556 Review: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy 2

Temperature control is crucial for any gaming device, and the RG556 does a surprisingly good job given its compact size. Its smart fan and heat pipe design work wonders – even when I’m in the middle of intense Genshin Impact or Honor of Kings sessions, performance stays rock-solid. The best part?

The fan noise, while noticeable, is quieter than expected for such a powerful device, so it never distracts from the game. This is backed up by many online reviewers and agrees with my own experience. Several teardown videos showcase the internal heat pipe design, and it’s common to see reported temperatures stay below 45°C (113°F) even under load.

4. Battery: The Little Engine That Could

Anbernic RG556: 5500 mAh Battery
Anbernic RG556 Review: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy 3

Don’t be fooled by the specs! This handheld packs a 5500mAh polymer lithium battery, which translates to around 8 hours of gameplay. But in real life, I’ve been consistently impressed! I often get even more – upwards of 10 hours with classic games, or a solid 5-7 hours with demanding titles like Genshin Impact on high settings.

Want to squeeze every last drop of battery life and optimize performance? Stay tuned! I’ll share all my tips and tricks for extended play sessions below.

5. Anbernic RG556 Setup: Beyond the Basics:

Anbernic uses a customized version of Android on the RG556. While powerful, a few quick tweaks will optimize it for retro gaming bliss. Here’s my setup routine:

  • Network: In Android Settings, connect to WiFi for updates and downloads.
  • Focus Mode: Under ‘Notifications’, enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ for uninterrupted gaming.
  • Less Feedback: In ‘Sound & Vibration’, turn ‘Touch Feedback’ and ‘Touch Sounds’ OFF for a less distracting experience.
  • Longer Timeout: Select a longer ‘Screen Timeout’ (like 30 minutes) under ‘Display’.
  • Personal Touch: Customize your wallpaper in ‘Wallpaper & Style’.
  • Security vs. Convenience: If you find it annoying, turn ‘Screen Lock’ to ‘None’ under ‘Security’.
  • Gesture Power: Under ‘System > Gestures > System Navigation’, switch to ‘Gesture navigation’ for a modern feel.

Pro Tip 1: Delete the pre-installed emulator apps. They’re often outdated and sometimes even pirated versions. Fresh installs ensure the best possible performance.

Pro Tip 2: Check your screen’s color balance in ‘Display > Colors & Contrast’. Adjust the ‘Color Profile’ for the most pleasing results.

6. …And So Much More!

Honestly, the surprises just keep coming! Here’s what else I love:

  • Build quality: Feels fantastic and sturdy.
  • Android side: Endless possibilities beyond retro.
  • Community: Amazing support and custom firmware options.
  • WiFi: Rock-solid connection in such a compact device.

Should You Buy the RG556?

If you’re passionate about retro gaming, want a powerful handheld, and love the joy of customization, the Anbernic RG556 gets my absolute top recommendation. Yes, it benefits from a bit of setup love, but the rewards are seriously huge.

Ready to join in on the fun? Head straight to Anbernic’s website: Anbernic Official

What surprised you the most about the RG556? Did you discover any awesome games or hidden features? Share your experiences below!

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Leon Russell
Leon Russell
4 months ago

Yo, is the Anbernic RG556 the real deal or just hype?

Zachary Cook
Zachary Cook
4 months ago
Reply to  Leon Russell

I’m not a tech geek, but the RG556 is super fun. Games run smooth AF, and the screen is 😍. It’s real value for money, IMO

Leon Russell
Leon Russell
4 months ago
Reply to  Zachary Cook

Spit it out, what RG556 version you rockin

Zachary Cook
Zachary Cook
4 months ago
Reply to  Leon Russell

256GB, bro. But I think the screen isn’t any different

Roshan Kapoor
Roshan Kapoor
4 months ago

Kinda glad to know you can sort out the blue tint thing in the settings. But don’t you think Anbernic should deal with that before they even send it out? Or is it just me being picky, and most peeps are cool with fiddling around with it themselves?

Doran Spencer
Doran Spencer
4 months ago

This article stands out for its clarity.

Domain for Sale
2 months ago

“Well done!”




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