Anbernic RG556 Review: Android Handheld Game Console

Game handheld, with Android system and excellent components, gives you unparalleled gaming experience.

The Anbernic RG556 is an exciting handheld gaming device that’s generating quite a buzz. Here are the key details about it:

  1. Specifications:

    • Display: It features a 5.48-inch AMOLED screen with a full adjustment OCA (1080×1920 resolution).
    • Processor: Powered by the Unisoc T820 processor, a 6nm EUV chip with an octa-core configuration (1x [email protected], 3x [email protected], and 4x [email protected]).
    • Memory: Comes with 8GB of RAM.
    • Storage Options: Available in two variants: 128GB and 256GB.
    • Emulators: Supports 30+ emulators for retro gaming.
  2. Design and Features:

    • The RG556 boasts an ergonomic design with offset Switch-style sticks and a smooth, glossy D-pad.
    • It houses a 5500mAh battery for extended playtime.
    • The device runs on Android 13 and includes hall effect triggers and joysticks, along with a six-axis gyroscope.

If you’re a fan of retro gaming and portable devices, the Anbernic RG556 is definitely worth keeping an eye on! 🎮

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Glenn Dukes
Glenn Dukes
4 months ago

Has anyone tried the Anbernic RG556? I’m curious to know how it performs and if it’s worth purchasing.

Ben Rosenblatt
Ben Rosenblatt
4 months ago
Reply to  Glenn Dukes

I recently got my hands on the Anbernic RG556, and I must say, it’s exceeded my expectations! The combination of its powerful Unisoc T820 processor, Mali-G57 GPU, and 8GB of RAM delivers smooth gaming experiences across a variety of emulators and Android games.

Mike Gregory
Mike Gregory
4 months ago

Initially, I was drawn to the Retroid 3+, but after testing it out, I found the screen too small and the ergonomics lacking. That’s why I prefer handhelds like the Anbernic RG556, which offers a larger 6″ screen and comfortable handle grips at a reasonable price. Compared to the RP4, the RG556 is the perfect fit for me, offering a great balance of features and affordability.

3 months ago

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